OutSystems and AWS — The Modern Application Platform for the Cloud

Outsystems ushers in a new era of technology - The synthesis of Low Code development with Cloud Native hyper-scale computing.

Speaking at AWS re:Invent 2021 Paulo Rosado, CEO of Outsystems, delivered this presentation that describes their strategic relationship with AWS to synthesize their Low Code and Cloud technologies.

From 7m:20s he starts by highlighting the key factor of their Low Code development platform is a drag and drop visual interface, with the critical goal being an automated CI/CD pipeline so that new changes can be deployed very quickly.

At 9m:05s Paulo describes how they operate three distinct, independent layers of technology: This visual development environment, AI-powered middleware platform services and third the Cloud runtime, with the middleware acting to translate the Low Code into native stack applications.

The reasoning for this is that what enterprise customers require is the Low Code ease of development coupled with a Netflix-scale of delivery of those applications.

Paulo hands over to Max Wang, CTO of International SOS at 10m:50s, who shares his experiences of adopting this technology. From 24m:30s he explains the complex environment he has had to address including integration with 17 different backend systems, over 5 million users, over-the-air release updates, Salesforce chat integration and auto-emergency check-in and location-based alerts.

He hands back over to Paulo at 31m:40s who continues with his vision the evolution of a Cloud-centric Application Platform.

At 33m:40s he introduces ‘Project Neo‘, an overhaul of their product to enable developers to produce massively scalable Kubernetes-based Cloud Native applications, that ties in with AWS EKS (36m:10s) to enable deployment of Kubernetes clusters across global AWS regions.

From 37m:50s he focuses on the data layer, showcasing how it can also utilize AWS Aurora, DynamoDB and S3 to scale out and up, provide an automated platform for HA/DR scenarios, partition data by microservice and use serverless to simplify multitenancy by data segregation on tenant boundary.


This is far more than an incremental product update from Outsystems, they have ushered in a new era, a new paradigm of enterprise IT: The synthesis of Low Code development with Cloud Native hyper-scale computing.

Previously a capability restricted to only the most advanced of developers, this abstracts the ability to build global scale Cloud computing infrastructure into the hands of any skill level of programmer.

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