Cloud Native DevOps on AWS

Hyper-Scale Software Development on the AWS Cloud

A guide to fusing software development with the AWS hyper-scale Cloud.

As they were pioneering an entirely new paradigm for watching TV and movies, Netflix were simultaneously pioneering an entirely new paradigm for the technology required to deliver it: ‘Cloud Native’.

It’s a practice of modernizing software development through a microservices architecture, Kubernetes containers and Continuous Deployment practices.

Many other enterprise organizations such as Capital One have since followed the path trail-blazed by Netflix, establishing Cloud Native as the defacto architecture for businesses seeking to reinvent themselves for the web scale era and accelerate their digital transformation through fast-paced DevOps.

Through keynote case studies including the BBC and Amazon’s own Cloud Native journey, this guide provides an implementation blueprint for your organization to plan their own Cloud Native transformation, covering best practices and relevant AWS services and vendor solutions.

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