Shenzhen Bosi Yunwei Technology Co., Ltd. is a cloud service enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing. Provide customers with cloud services of consulting, design, migration, operation and maintenance and operation: including consulting and design, data migration, operation and maintenance hosting, big data and AI platform, hybrid cloud management, security and integration services Wait.

The existing expert team includes: big data, AI (artificial intelligence), operation and maintenance research and development, database, log analysis, business architecture design and other manufacturer-certified core expert members. And most of the team has obtained the advanced certification of Amazon cloud technology and the certification of traditional IT vendors (VCP/OCP/RHCE). Most of the staff are experts who have served in the IT industry for more than ten years. The main partners include: Amazon Cloud Technology, Splunk, dynatrace, Red Hat, Vmware, etc. Focus on providing Amazon cloud technology cloud integration services, with the help of decades of IT integration experience of the head office (Huitong Heli), Booz can provide many enterprises with solutions integrated with Amazon cloud technology, such as: AI platform solutions, big data solutions solutions, Splunk log analysis solutions, Vmware and Amazon cloud technology hybrid cloud solutions, data migration service solutions, etc.

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