Classmethod Canada is a cloud integrator focusing on system environments, mobile applications and big data solutions using AWS (Amazon Web Services) products.

Managed Cloud Operations by AWS Certified Professionals

As a member of AWS Partner Network, our team is comprised of AWS Certified professionals helping our clients to deploy and monitor their AWS environment. Our operational support team follows best practices to analyze and address any technical issues that may occur.

24/7 Support for “Classmethod Members Plan” service

With a global support team serving different time zones, “Classmethod Members Plan” users can rest assured that their environment is under control around the clock. Support is available in English and Japanese languages. Trusted by over 2,000 organizations, the plan offers discounts on AWS usage fees, access to enterprise support, flexible payment options and other perks.

Contact Information
595 Burrard Street , Vancouver, British Columbia V7X 1L4, Canada
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