Accenture and AWS help organizations with the technology, human and business dimensions of cloud solutions at scale, with greater speed and certainty.

Accenture is one of the largest AWS partners. We have partnered with AWS to bring far-reaching change to organizations in a time of compressed transformation— same scale of change, but in a fraction of the time. What’s different about us?

Shared experience with AWS. We’ve seen the most challenges and have built the most mature tools and accelerators to address them. We’ve created merged, joint delivery methods and tools for truly aligned delivery.

Continuous innovation. Both companies have been relentlessly innovating together since the start of our partnership. We have a remarkable track record of delivering joint advanced solutions first in the marketplace. The companies think ahead 18 months to keep their joint innovations ahead of everyone else.

Trailblazing talent. We don’t just provide experts; we create them. We have more 20,000 certified resources holding over 24,000 AWS certifications, and we are recognized by AWS with more than 30 competencies, with more in the works.

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54 State Street , Albany, New York 12207, United States
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